Spreading actions of justice

How do we do it?

We serve more than 80 boys and girls together with their families in three main approaches

Sports and artistic programs

Through soccer, volleyball, painting and dancing, we create a space for healthy recreation and the creation of new habits for our children and adolescents.

Mentoring and academic projection

We connect donors with kids who need financial support for their higher education studies.

Psychological accompaniment

We work deeply with each member, through workshops, visits and personalized consultations.

Our impact

When I arrived at Viento Fresco, I remember that I had no dreams, goals, or expectations, but all that change upon knowing the heart of the foundation and its purpose, my life took direction feeling loved and welcomed by what would be my new family, that family who always showed me that the love of Jesus, the love of the father and that today motivates me to let other people know of that love. It's incredible that he only came thinking about playing soccer.
Carlos Loaiza
18 years old
Before the foundation came into my life, it didn't make sense, because I could only play soccer on the sidewalk of my house and I didn't know God. Now thanks to the foundation I can practice the sport that I love and follow Jesus in a way that I never thought of.
Daniel Castañeda
12 years old
Viento Fresco for me has been the most beautiful experience I have had in my life, since God decided to put me on the foundation my life had a total change in each one of the ways in my bad habits and now they are good. In short, my life has been transformed, but thanks to each of the teachers who give me their support in all aspects.
Emanuel Grisales
17 years old

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